BDR Thermea prides itself on being a responsible business. This commitment is reflected in all our business operations and in our relationships with stakeholders.

We aim to deliver best value while promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability using:

  • Responsibly sourced supplies
  • Reliable, energy efficient products
  • High quality service
  • Technical support

Sustainable businessThe long term continuity of our relationships with all our stakeholders is a key aspect of our strategy and is inherent in everything we do - whether they be employees, customers, suppliers, other partners or one of the communities in which we operate.

Our principles:

  • Provide market-leading training, information, technical support, aftersales service for our customers
  • Deal with all parties fairly, with respect for rules, regulations and the law
  • Foster close co-operative relationships with suppliers to improve quality, efficiency, price and security in the supply chain
  • Our facilities will adhere to all relevant regulations whilst minimising their energy consumption and effects on the environment
  • We value our employees and consider our people as a critical element of our long term success.  We encourage personal and collective development and provide good working conditions, training, fair remuneration and opportunities for career development


Our commitment to quality:


Vendor rating programmes

  • We make sure our suppliers provide goods and services that are sourced competitively, economically, ethically and efficiently.


Quality service

  • We monitor the performance of all products and components in the field to make sure quality standards are maintained.


Quality standards

  • We have quality teams at all of our manufacturing sites making sure our products and processes comply with the quality standards set by each country.


Product development

  • Our Group-wide ‘new product creation process’ includes quality design tools, extensive laboratory testing, accelerated life testing and field tests for all product developments.



  • We operate lean manufacturing and continuous improvement programmes. Every product we make has a full functional test before it leaves the assembly line.


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