Our values

BDR Thermea is a truly global Group with local market-leading trade brands. Our focus is on the needs of installers and end users, which differ by market sector and by country.


Wherever we are in the world, our business is based on the same core values:

Putting customers first

  • Providing installers and their customers with the best choice of products in every country and market that we serve

Creating a more sustainable future

  • Meeting and exceeding ErP regulations. Providing solutions that save energy, minimise carbon emissions and reduce energy bills

Providing smarter choices

  • Clever design makes installation and maintenance easy. Intelligent controls save energy and reduce operating costs

Delivering real value for money

  • Offering the most competitive price/performance ratio in every market that we serve 

Offering integrated solutions

  • Providing compatible heating, cooling, energy and air solutions that can be used together, in different combinations, maximising energy and cost savings
  • Service and spare parts


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our CSR strategy ‘Better Together', makes sure that our values lie at the heart of our business. This strategy has been developed to provide focus for our CSR work within the company and to strengthen our culture around sustainability. BDR Thermea products are made by a group of brands that take their responsibilities seriously.

We care about the environment and we make sure we treat the people in our supply chain well – improving products (better products), working with our supply chain (better supply chain), developing out people (better people) and strengthening the business (better company).

Download the 2016 CSR Report

Our commitment to CSR

“CSR isn’t a new philosophy at BDR Thermea.  We have gone beyond compliance on environmental and labour issues for many years, and we have been finding ways to bring together our commercial aims, our commitment to people, and our understanding of environmental limits. We innovate intelligent heating and domestic hot water solutions that give value for money and significantly reduced environmental impact.”

Rob van Banning, CEO BDR Thermea


Our CSR goals  

  • CSR better together logoIndustry leading customer orientation and satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement of products and services
  • Europe's most user-friendly heating and cooling products
  • Environmental standards regarding supply chain compliance
  • Highest standards of sustainable labour practices
  • Compliance with sustainability reporting standard


We aim to grow by making products and services which are chosen by our customers for affordable quality and low environmental impact.


Our global brands